Wednesday, October 3, 2007

24 Hours in Vegas

My favourite radio station is doing it again. They're giving away a prize that consists of 24 hours in Las Vegas. No hotel room, no tickets to anything, just a plane-load of Ottawans let loose in Sin City for a day.

Now on the surface, this sounds like a blast. Then I realize the logistical nightmare that could come of this. I'd need a sitter to sleep here overnight and get the kids to school if it's a school day. I like to sleep. What do I want with a trip that doesn't provide me with an actual bed? A better trip for parents of young kids? A 24 hour bed-in at the nearest motel. With room service. This is definitely a prize for those:

a) without kids;

b) without jobs

c) without comittments of any kind or

d) all of the above.

Then there's the Vegas aspect. I've been there for a four day weekend and even that wasn't enough. There was so much to see. I could spend 24 hours at The Star Trek Experience alone. Yes, I'm aware of what that makes me, thank you.

Anyway, if you go to Cirque de Soleil, say, then go for dinner and gamble a little you're done. Call me crazy but that doesn't sound like a prize to me. I'd much rather win movie passes.

The preparation for the trip would take more time than the trip itself. You'd have to find the perfect outfit since you don't have time to change. No luggage. You'd have to wear (ugh!) comfortable shoes. I don't know. This sounds like no prize.

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