Friday, October 5, 2007

Miss me?

Look, ma it's after 3pm and I'm only now writing a blog! I have no explanation only excuses. Today is a PD day for the kids so I made them clean their rooms. Being the good example that I am, I cleaned up too. My words would hold no sway if I made them do dungeon duty while I watched tv and blogged (much as I wanted to). So blame the good parent gene in me (it does surface now and again) for the late blog. Now onto more interesting things. For you, at least...

Happy Thanksgiving to us Canadians! I've been holding out buying a turkey and all the trimmings because for the last few years my SIL has invited us to dinner at the last minute.
Year after year I've bought a turkey only to have to freeze it for the Christmas dinner. One year I even invited the neighbours over only to be the worst neighbour ever and uninvite them at the last minute because of a brain-fart of Shelley's. I did and do ask her if she's having a thing and she always says "no" only to change her mind last minute. So I'm buying nothing until Saturday afternoon.

On a completely related note, I have a question about vaccination scars. Why do I and everyone around my age have a pretty big one on our arm and my kids don't have one at all? Did they use a bigger straw-like needle? Was the vaccination more poisononous? Why do we have a scar for life? The kids're innoculated just like us. So what's with the lack of life-long proof?

Just something to ponder as you tuck into your turkey this weekend. maybe a little dinner conversation. If any of you find out the answer, let me know. I'm not in a googly place right now. The floor's not going to mop itself, you know. Thanks and have a great long weekend!

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