Friday, April 28, 2006

So I got a chance to gym-it today

Norah was nice enough to drive me there yet again. Thanks hon! So We get there and I had a particularly sweaty time. I ran 25 minutes on the treadmill then did what I call my "prison yard workout" which is bench press, pushups (the boy kind, thank you very much) and dumbells to work the biceps and triceps. Needless to say I was extra ummmm.... ripe.

So I get home and see a yellow notice on my doorknob. Not at all weird, Scott has an eBay account and uses it like a kid who found $5 and heads straight for the candy store. We often get packages delivered. The delivery guys sometimes put a note on the door if it requires signing for and I'm not home so I'll know to wait around the next day. As I approach I realize it's not from UPS but from the City Of Ottawa telling me that the water will be off from 9:45 to 6pm. Today. I check my watch. It's 10:30. Crap.

I read the information sheet, alternately stinking and steaming. This may be convenient for people who work out of the home but this is the meat of my day. Not to mention that I reek from head to toe and have a dragonboat meeting tonight across town at the very same time the water gets switched back on. They suggest I fill things up with water but of course that was before the 9:45 cutoff. And I wanted a shower so bad!

Well, throwing caution to the wind, I had one, dammit. And I shaved my legs. And I enjoyed every second of it. So what if I can't have a cup of tea later. So what if we all have sandwiches for dinner. You see, it's simple. In Karenworld I'm the centre of the universe and when the centre of the universe smells like BO and needs a shower, the centre of the universe gets a shower. Pointe finale.

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