Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jehovah’s Witnesses are at my door

And I'm hiding. Shhhh. I hate making small talk with them while simultaneously trying to shoo them away from the front door. What can I say (in a nice way... don't forget I'm Canadian) to get them to bugger off? So I'm doing the polite thing and hiding. Don't you judge me.

I'm grumpy too. I wanted to run today but the weather was so sucky that I decided to skip it. I even ran yesterday when it was pouring rain and cool. Today wasn't as rainy but it was still wet, colder (a bit of snow, even) with a wind that was so strong I had to turn my back to it while walking the kids to school. I couldn't run in that, could I? So now I've broken my 5 day streak of cardio and Jehovah's are knocking at my door. What's there to be pissy about today? I need doughnuts.

Only 30 days to go until the race. I'm still in the "I'm-up-shit-creek" area of the Bitten-Off-More-Than-I-Can-Chew pie chart. Next goal levels: "I'm-screwed", "I'm-in-trouble" then "maybe-I-can-do-this-with-one-of-those-portable-oxygen-thingies". We'll see where I am in the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I'm meeting with my running buddy Julie. Did you actually think it was to run? Nope it's for coffees (actually teas, we both hate coffee). Predictable? Me? Never. Sigh.

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