Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Dreams are so weird

Yesterday I did a few things, none of them out of the ordinary. I watched Star Trek, I cooked dinner (chicken "popsicles" with peanut butter sauce and sticky rice), I hung out with the family and did a little shopping for storage containers at Zellers. It snowed a bit after being warm for a while and that was all people were talking about.

So this is what I dreamt last night: Captain Picard and Guinan were stranded in a log cabin. They were on shore leave from the Enterprise and got snowed in. Guinan offered to cook and guess what the only thing to eat was in the cabin. You got it, peanut butter, chicken and rice. After dinner they decided to dig themselves out of the cabin using some brand new storage containers they conveniently found then got safely back to the ship. Hey, I never said my dreams were interesting. As usual.

In fact, I have to admit I rarely have dreams like that. I wasn't a part of it at all, just an observer. My dreams usually feature me as the star. Just like life. But my dreams are so bloody boring. They're often based on reality so it leaves me feeling all disoriented when I wake up. Like the dreams I have where I'm looking for something and I'm late. I'm wearing clothes I own, live in the house I live in now and asking people that live here where the thing is. There's nothing to twig on that I'm dreaming. I never dream that I'm flying, I never dream that I'm a secret agent, I never do anything cool in my dreams. Ever. Just normal everyday stuff. I argue with people I'd normally argue with, I see friends and relatives, I cook, clean...that's why last nights dream was worth writing down.

I sometimes have a dream that I'm being followed by an unseen person. It's usually dark and I end up running up and down a stairwell trying to get away. When I have the dream, I'm usually aware that this is not a normal situation for me and by the time I get to the spooky stairwell, I wake myself up because I realize in the dream that I'm dreaming. Yawn.

I'm always surprised by my dull dreams. I mean, I'm a relatively creative, imaginative person, I lead an interesting (okay not fascinating but interesting at least) life, I'm funny, I'm nice, and I watch tons of tv that should get the cool dream juices flowing. So why, just once, can I not be a superhero or even drive a fun car? Well, I don't have any answers. Maybe I should sleep on it. See what I did there? Hee.

kx (Watch. Tonight I'll dream of blogging.)
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