Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm in a rush today

Since I have very limited time on my own, I have to make the most of it. Last night the finale of one of my favourite shows Project Runway aired here in Canada. I had to tape it because it was at the unholy hour of 10pm. I call it unholy because how do they expect a busy mother of 3 to stay awake and watch? Especially a 2 hour season finale? On a weekday, no less. Nevermind that I fall asleep on a weekly basis by 10:15pm trying my best to be cool and stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. In recent memory I've only watched the whole show once and it was the episode where Ashlee Simpson did her little hoedown dance. Is it any wonder I can't muster up the desire to stay awake?

Anyway, I'm all a-tingle about watching Project Runway. It's right here on tape ready for me to watch. And I want to do it before Henry gets home from school. Who will win? Will it be the cute and talented Danny? The tiny Asian girl with the gorgeous dress sense Chloe? Or the irritating, evil genius Santino? I cant wait!

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