Thursday, April 13, 2006

I never want to be out of "The Loop"

I've just finished watching a show called "The Loop" on tape. I saw half of it 2 weeks ago then watched a full episode last week. Last night I taped it. How funny is this show?

I love sitcoms. I love when sitcoms are funny without a laugh track. I love when they have an off-beat plot. I'm tired of doctor, lawyer, cop and crime scene shows. Yes, they may be good but some of these shows are encouraging me to try to commit the perfect crime. And I bet I could get away with it, too. Now all I need is a transient...

Huh? Oh, yeah. The Loop. It's about a recent college grad (Sam) who is the first in his group of friends to get a "real" job. He works as an executive for an airline. He's torn between being cool with his friends and keeping a job he obviously loves. It stars a bunch of kids I've never seen before who are awesome actors. It also stars Mimi Rogers (the first and lucky-to-get-out-when-she-did Mrs. Tom Cruise) and the guy who played Lt. Bookman on the Seinfeld episode where George never returned "Tropic of Cancer", Philip Baker Hall. These two are priceless. Mimi Rogers' character is constantly inappropriately flirting with Sam and has a strange sexual past she keeps dropping hints about and Hall's character is hilariously insulting, clueless, blunt and just plain bizarre.

Anyway, it's on Thursday nights at 8:30 on FOX and you should give it a chance. I taped it last night (Canadian feed... lucky us, we get it twice) while I was watching Lost. OMG, Lost! Wasn't it great when Michael turned up at the end? I was just about to tell Scott I was a bit bored with the episode. Not that seeing an older, grumpier version of ourselves in Bernard and Rose wasn't entertaining.

Anyway, watch The Loop before they cancel it. I know they'll cancel it because I love it. I loved Arrested Development and they cancelled that one way before it's time. It had the same kind of quirky vibe this show has. So give it a try. Quick.

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