Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hugh doesn't like me

And I'm truly baffled by that. I'm easy-going, cheerful, positive, energetic and not to put too fine a point on it, a pretty cool girl. Sometimes I can be too cheerful, finding the bright side of almost any situation but who would find that irritating? Oh, I know... Hugh.

We met four years ago because his daughter and Elliott were in the same Kindergarten class. We were friendly and he seemed really interesting. He knew his wines and was a photographer teaching both recreationally at night school. Neat guy. The problem arose when he asked me to do daycare for his kids. He worked out of his house and needed part-time care. I was full at the time but he seemed so nice and his kids were so awesome that I squeezed them in. Then after some communication issues (I was never sure when they were coming, inconsistent payment), I asked that he find alternate care. I gave him lots of notice and never felt anger or resentment toward him or his kids. Things just didn't work out between us as often is the case with home daycares. Just not a good fit. It happens.

Well that was the end between me and Hugh. Every time I see him now he totally freezes me out. In a comical, childish way. We'll be walking toward each other on the sidewalk, I'll give him a cheery "hello" and he'll turn his nose up at me with an obvious but unheard "hmph". Once I met his family at the grocery store and I had a nice long chat with his wife and kids while he carefully and thoroughly examined the nutrition label on a can of refried beans. Once at school pickup time in the winter I saw him there and noticed that we were wearing the same type of Russian rabbit fur hat. I commented that they were nice and warm and perfect for the cold weather. He roundly ignored me. And I was clearly addressing him. I mean, we were both wearing idiotic (but warm) hats. How weird was that?

I don't want to be but I'm thrown by him. I've never had anyone in my life so obviously and openly dislike me. I try to laugh it off and purposely speak to him whenever I can to make him uncomfortable but the truth is he makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure and disliked. It makes me wonder how many other people out there don't like me but just do a better job of hiding it than Hugh does. I suppose I can be annoyingly high-spirited and bubbly, happy, outgoing and fun. Maybe most people hate that. Do you?

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