Thursday, April 6, 2006

I'm going to be a motorcycle mama

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be taking motorcycle lessons this year? Yup, I'm going to add a motorcycle licence to the list of things I want to achieve in this life. Other things Id like to do: get a 4th tattoo, live in another country, be 130 pounds and win the grand prize in a lottery. At least this one I can take care of this year.

I was just brushing up on the primary and secondary controls. I'm going to be in trouble here especially when it comes to the brake, throttle and clutch. How horrifying. I'm coming from a bicycle/automatic car life so the idea of shifting gears, clutching anything but a purse, and throttling anything but the kids (just kidding) fills me with fear. And did you know the brakes are on the right handlebar and right foot? How is someone like me supposed to get her little bald head around that?

Anyway, to lessen the horror show that will be the practical lesson, I've opted for an all female class. At least we can giggle and be girly-girls without being judged by brutish, lunkheaded guys. I just hope that I don't make too big a fool of myself.

The upside of all this? Besides the license of course? The shopping. I'm thrilled to be encouraged to buy a pair of leather pants, boots and gloves. Actually, I think I may go for leather chaps instead of the pants. Dead sexy. Nothing in this world beats both having a new hobby and shopping for it to boot. Of course eventually I'll have to get a cute little bike to go with my new outfit. How fun.

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