Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday. Friday? Good.

Today's blog is going to be pretty lame. Short and lame. We're all in holiday mode here and are moving pretty slow. Case in point, I just got out of bed and it's 9:55am. I've been reading for a while but still. Moving slooooow. It's great to have kids who are old enough to wake up, sneak to the kitchen to have breakfast then amuse themselves in the playroom without waking you up. Ahhhhh.....

The phone rang at 8:15. The closest phone to our bedroom is down the cold hardwooded hall and I couldn't face it with my naked feet. So I didn't answer. When I checked my voicemail, I found out yet again it was my good friend Graham from Australia. The poor guy is going to think I'm avoiding him. Sorry, sweetie, it was just good old fashioned holiday laziness. Call again soon!

So today's plans will include baking Easter sugar cookies, decorating Easter eggs and general slobbing about. We may go on an "adventure" with the kids on our bikes seeing that it's going to be 20C and sunny. So I hope you all have a pleasant holiday and enjoy your time off. I'm not sure I'll write on Monday since it's a holiday here too. Now that I think about it I probably will. I can't stand to think about my 8 readers with nothing clever to read from me for 3 whole days LOL!

kxx (Just to let you all know, Graham did call back and we had a nice hour chat even before I was done writing this)
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