Monday, April 17, 2006

Best. Easter. Ever.

We hung out a lot, did the bike riding thing, I cooked like a fiend (can I suggest to everyone who thinks turkey is dry to brine it first?), painted eggs, put my hummingbird feeder up out of reach from Taz, who thinks it's a deluxe cat feeder that comes with it's own dipping sauce, and generally had a lovely, quiet time. We even had visitors. The good kind that stay for a few hours and drink and hang out but don't eat, put you out in any way or make you feel like you need to clean up before they arrive. Good times. The only thing is that we never made it to church. I did watch the 10 Commandments on tv, though. The whole 4 hours. That's gotta mean something. I witnessed Charlton ("from my cold dead hands") Heston and Anne Baxter chomp on cheesy faux Egyptian scenery for the good part of a day. If that's not a religious experience I don't know what is.

So now I'm going to read more of my campy book in the sunshine of my backyard while my husband trims the hedges and my kids swing on swings, dig in the sandbox and draw pictures with sidewalk chalk. Aaahhh, life is good.

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