Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm a walking cliche.

I just borrowed a cup (a quarter cup actually) of sugar from my neighbour. How 1950's of me. I was baking rolls for dinner (another anachronism) and realized I was all out. So I went to my favourite neighbour Norah. Thanks, hon!

I love this neighbourhood. When we moved here almost 8 years ago it was populated with a lot of older people especially on my street. It was pretty lonely for me as a young stay-at-home-mum with 2 kids in diapers. I took the kids on walks but never met too many other people with kids. Then my guys started school. It's around the corner and as we walked there, parents with young children started coming out of the woodwork. Yay, playmates (for the kids, of course).

Scott and I agonized about finding the perfect house for our family. He grew up in the country. He had a house with a rope where he could swing from his back porch into the river. He wanted that for our kids. I grew up in the 'burbs. I had quick, easy access by bus and metro to La Ronde where you could spend the day on the swings and eat so much pink popcorn you'd feel like the elephant on the bag. I wanted that for my kids.

It's hard to believe we found a perfect compromise. We ended up with a great house with a huge backyard, live less than a kilometre from the river and a huge gorgeous park and can even walk to the mall or a 12 theatre cinema. Everybody's happy. Including me who can now bake with neighbour provided sugar. Of course now I have to share to booty...

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