Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine hangover

I love love!

Scott and his classmates really enjoyed the gift basket and I so enjoyed putting it together that I honestly didn't need a gift from him. You know those women that say that and never mean it? Well, I'm serious. This time. I'd have been fine. Really. Luckily Scott didn't test my theory and got me a lovely gift. A mani/pedi at the spa. And not just any spa, the nicest and most expensive one in town! It's so classy it's just called "The Spa".

I won't use it until the summer when people can actually see my sexy little toes but it was so generous and sweet of him. I'm truly pleased.

I hope you all had a nice Valentines. If you didn't, I can totally relate. The 14th of February truly sucked when I didn't have someone to love. Anyway, it's all over now and those of us with significant others can get back to taking them for granted so married or single, we're all even again.

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