Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD!

14 Feb 06 Tuesday

Okay not literally.

So this is what I did for Scott. I thought about 2 weeks ago I'd get him a delivered basket. I surfed around until I found a "manly" one. It was Corn Nuts, fancy chocolate, Gatorade and some other boy stuff crammed into a cooler. I thought it was really cute and was all set to order it when I realized that Scott's not crazy about Corn Nuts, prefers rum and cokes and likes peanut butter and chocolate rather than the fancy stuff. And trust me, he doesn't need another cooler. After searching around fruitlessly for something more suitable, I decided to make up a basket myself.

I wrote out the list first then realized that since he's now on french language training, maybe his classmates would get jealous of him getting this kick-ass care package. So I decided to get enough food and treats for the whole group. Thank goodness there are only 11 of them.
Here are the contents of the basket (actually a plastic laundry bin from the dollar store): coffee, hot chocolate, tea, homemade rolls (by me early this morning *yawn*), Reese's Pieces, deli turkey, old cheddar cheese, Lay's salt and pepper chips, cokes, rum, toffee fudge (again made by my own loving hands), spicy nuts, cups, napkins, knives, sugar, creamers, spoons, a chocolate heart (just for him), an airplane magazine (his fave), cards made by the kids and a card that plays music from me (My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White). It weighed a ton!
So here I sit waiting for the phone to ring saying that it arrived safely. It was really fun to put together and it means so much more having spent an afternoon with the kids searching for stuff to add and bribing the kids with gum to keep them quiet for 3 days. Frankly I spent twice as much money as I would have for the cooler thing but feeding his class and adding things he likes was totally worth it.

Now to bask in the afterglow...

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