Monday, February 20, 2006

I love the movies

So as I've mentioned on previous blogs, I love awards shows. Especially the Oscars. I used to get together with my best pal Kathy either by phone or in person and we'd watch the show together. Scott has noticed the past few years since we haven't been getting together that the telecast has lost its lustre with me.

Being the awesome, attentive man that he is, he's offered to do what Kathy and I used to do together which is see this year's Oscar nominees with me. Yes, even Brokeback Mountain. If you don't know why that's a really big deal, go back to your remote log cabin where you've been holed up. And how'd you get online anyway? I've seen it already but I'll definitely see it again if only just to see his reaction. That should be worth the price of admission.

This weekend we saw Good Night and Good Luck starring David Strathairn and directed by George Clooney. Frankly I'd only had bare bones knowledge of the McCarthy hearing so the idea of movie seemed like medicine but it was surprisingly very good. All in black and white and a lot less boring than I expected. Frankly I'm a summer movie girl, preferring romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant or action movies with lots of explosions. That's right, I'm Hollywood's lowest common denominator. Definitely not a movie snob. But I do like to seem knowledgeable when I make my choice for Best Picture. I still think Brokeback was better.

So for the next few weeks I'll be all about the movies, baby! Next week we're seeing Capote (I think). This is a great way to get a date night with the hubby, too. Everybody wins. Now pass the Twizzlers.

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