Monday, February 13, 2006

Check out our checkups

Today we're all going to the doctor's for a checkup. All 5 of us. This should be good. The appointment starts at 10:40am and hopefully I'll be home by 3pm to start work. Fingers crossed, eh?

Thankfully we've all been in pretty good health this winter **frantically knocking on wood** so we're just going for our general piece of mind. We each have a health concern of our very own. Watch out world, here comes very the definition of "too much information": I tend to get terribly impacted ear wax. Sometimes I wake up and can't hear at all in one or the other ear. Scott has sinus troubles (among other things), Henry sucks on his tongue and is putting his bite at risk, Elliott has excema and Audrey has asthma. As I said, we've all been generally healthy but it's nice to get the yearly tune up.

When I called the kids' schools this morning to tell them they'd be absent, I had 2 very different conversations. Henry's going to a new school this year and takes the bus so no one knows me. I had to say "Hello, this is Mrs. Karen Kaye, My son's name is Henderson Kaye. He's in Mrs. Rodgers' morning SK LDD class and won't be in today. He's going to a doctor's appointment. Thank you, goodbye."

When I called Elliott and Audrey's school, it was a different story. We've been going there for 6 years and we walk so every staff member and student knows who I am. This was the other conversation. "Hey Judy! This is Karen. How are you? The kids (and note I didn't even have to name them) won't be in today because we have a mass doctor's appointment. Yup, all 5 of us! Oh yeah, we're all healthy, just a checkup. Thanks for asking. We'll see you tomorrow, okay? Byebye!" I love that school.

Well, gotta fly! My ears may need an enema (ugh!).

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