Thursday, February 9, 2006

I love award shows

So yesterday was good, clean fun. My friend Jo came over and we watched the Grammys together. To be honest I couldn't tell you one winner. We talked and laughed all through the broadcast. We dissed the clothes, the speeches, the performances, the people... very fun and satisfying.

It reminded me of a certain Oscar party I went to in Miami a few years ago. I actually flew there from Ottawa and stayed for a week just to watch tv with my best friend. To make it special, Kathy and I bought expensive hors d'oeuvres, put on our best dresses and did our hair and makeup. Just the two of us in her apartment. Go big or go home, right? Then we sat in said dresses (and heels) and pigged out on the couch. I'm not sure but I think it was the year Halle Berry won. All I remember for sure from that year was swearing that we'd do it every year. Unfortunately it never happened again but it's only because the logistics changed. She moved to Europe. Loooong (but good) story.

I was so crushed the first year after the promise that I drank a whole bottle of wine (yuck) by myself on Oscar night and passed out, missing the entire broadcast. These award shows are just no fun to watch on your own. Especially when you're dozing in a pool of your own spittle.
The Oscars are coming on in a month and I plan to watch but I'm spoiled for Miami and nothing else compares. So I'll dutifully see the Best Picture Nominees like I do every year and root for my fave. So far Brokeback is the only one I've seen and it rocked. Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to Kathy on the phone for a few minutes during the show and we'll try to relive the fun we had that time ages ago. It's all good. Besides, Scott can bitch about ugly outfits with the best of them. Thank goodness for him.

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