Friday, February 17, 2006

Things I love

On this weird weather day (rain this morning, then snow, now wicked wind), I put on some soca music. It makes me feel dancey and warm and happy. I think most of it comes from having listened to it when I lived with my parents so it gives me a comfortable feeling. That and every song is about either food, partying or sex. Works for me.

Anyway, while I'm on a soca high, I've decided to ignore the crappy weather and tell you some other things that make me happy. Feel free to take note of these at gift-giving times. My birthday is 10th August.

I love: poutine, silk (or closer to my budget... rayon) pyjamas, A&W teenburgers, bacon, dancing, cheese curds, pedicures, getting a professional massage, chick lit, the sun on my face, shopping, watching tv, the Olympics, makeup, the colours orange and fuscia, gerbera daisies, the smell of oranges, cinnamon rolls, chewy cookies (notice how most of these are food?)...

The moment my pap test is finished, the smell of clean clothes, when I've stopped running, finding that perfect lipstick at the pharmacy, scratching, hugs, when my kids get a good mark on a test, going to the movies, cooking, not having to cook, feeling cosy, the internet, falling asleep...

Giving blood (Two words: Free doughnuts), going on trips, the smell of leather, driving, tv remote controls, summer, perfume samples, tea with Carnation milk and sugar, the advertising inserts that come in the Saturday paper, grocery shopping, a long hot shower, Arjun Rampal, swimming, soft skin...

Scott's eyes, Elliott's freckles, Audrey's hair, Henry's snuggles, my thighs (they're really big and muscley), my cell phone, beer, gin & tonic, days off, the crescent moon, laughing, Mike (hi Mikey!!) and a good crackly fire.

That's my deal for today. Do yourselves a favour, download some Mighty Sparrow or Byron Lee (I'd suggest the classics "Drunk and Disorderly", "Saltfish", "Tiny Winey" or "Dollar Wine") and I defy you to stay in a pissy mood.

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