Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympics wrap-up

Now that my beloved Olympics are over, what have we learned? I don't know about you but here's what I learned from watching the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics:

- Turin/Torino, tomato, tomahato
- The CBC, while sucking at providing me with current Coronation Street episodes (right now we're at an unforgivable 9 months behind) truly ROCKED at Olympic coverage. Tons and tons of live feeds starting at 6am and continuing all blessed day. I'm talking entire hockey games, curling matches and every competitor in every event even if they had no chance of winning
- Canadian girls ruled this year
- I love snowboard-cross. Who knew?
- Cherry Garcia, Baked Lays and bacon cheese dip cover all food groups when you're glued in front of the men's figure skating finals
- My kids are extremely independent. Who knew they could get ready for bed all on their own? I love my babies!
- Scott can cook
- Two words: Cindy Klassen
- Okay 2 more: Chandra Crawford
- Last two: Clara Hughes
- Fourth place is horrible! It happened to us a soul-crushing 13 times
- I can't help voting for the underdog. Which is why I had no problem with our mens' hockey loss. It just made everything more interesting. Besides, that same day we won FOUR other medals. Get over it, people! All the other athletes have to get back to their jobs at Home Depot or McDonalds. Those hockey guys get to go back to their $15 million paycheques tomorrow. Do you think they really care about a gold medal? They can afford to buy one on eBay. Wah.
- Black people don't do winter
- Or Italy
- The opening and closing ceremonies can be ummm... flamboyant
- The mayor of Vancouver can do doughnuts in his wheelchair. How cool was that?
- Norm MacDonald makes a pretty snarky beaver. Too bad he had to shill for Bell for us to find that out.

I'm going to miss the Olympics. I'm sure my family will be happy to see me after two weeks of being plastered to my couch. I haven't even cut my hair since they started. I'm starting to look like Michael Jackson circa 1972. I like the summer games but not to the extent of the winter. So I'll be doing all this again in 2010. Gotta start training. Pass the Chunky Monkey...

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