Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympics: Day 6

How much have I been loving the Olympics this year? My poor tv is smoking! It's on at 8am and is off around 11pm. I have to hand it to the CBC coverage. They often have live results and events and ... omg, I just saw (live) the Dutch favourites fall in men's team pursuit speed skating against the Italians! See what I mean?! Great stuff!

I've taken a peek at the American coverage but it's so packaged to fit into the 2 hours of prime time that it's lost some of it's edge. Most of the results are in already so it's almost old news when it's finally aired. If you love the Olympics, try to find CBC coverage. How cool is it to watch a whole hockey game at 7am?

My favourite sports: skeleton (Have you seen this? Crazy!), short track speed skating, hockey, team pursuit speed skating, figure skating, luge (great crashes this year), alpine skiing, snowboard-cross (I saw this for the first time this morning and fell in love) and curling. You heard me. Curling.

Sports I don't get (but still watch... it's the Olympics, eh?): ski jumping, moguls, half pipe, biathlon, bobsled and cross-country skiing. Yawn.

The sport that most makes me make uncharacteristically homophobic remarks: mens' double luge. I'm sorry but it asks for it. What can I say? I'm a weak, weak woman.
Speaking of my weaknesses, the athlete name that made me giggle the most (again, it's usually not my way to laugh at people): Chinese female speed skater Manli Wang. Hee. I freely admit my immaturity.

So there's my Olympic take as of day 5. Loving every minute of it! For those of you who don't, come on. It's only every 2 years. I'm all ready to check out the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008. For those of you who don't have CBC, you have time to sign up or subscribe or whatever it is you do. Great coverage, I'm telling you.

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