Thursday, February 23, 2006

My baby's gone!

Did I mention to you that I lost my mp3? I'm a jogger* and I need the music to distract me from my ragged breathing/wheezing and from thinking that there's nothing I want to do more in the whole wide world but stop running.

Anyway, my mp3 was one of the first things I ever bought from eBay. It wasn't the most expensive or top of the line and it didn't have much memory but it was mine and had great running tunes on it. I only needed enough space for a couple of hours worth of music... long enough for a warm-up, cool-down and 30-45 minute run. Does anyone really need 5000 songs and a tv? Seriously. Please post a comment to this blog if you can think of one good reason for all that. I've been alive since the late 60s and I don't think I've even heard 5000 songs.

The last time I saw my little yellow baby we were at the YMCA. I must have left it there. I checked the lost and found but nothing but used water bottles and mouldy towels. Geez, what are the odds? Did you know that the C in YMCA stands for Christian? I'm just saying.

So as a memorial to my Rio Cali 128 (the rubbery yellow one with the joggers armband) here are the tunes I had on it. I hope the "Christian" that's using it right now loves it as much as I did.

(* fair-weather only... no rain, snow, heat or cold will ever get me outside. I don't jog if it's under 1C or over 25C. I don't jog if it's foggy, early, late and turn around when the battery dies on my mp3. I've also been known not to jog if it's too windy LOL!)

1) Hate To Say I Told You So- The Hives
2) Unconditional- the Bravery (love any band that sounds like Duran Duran)
3) Fuck, Yeah- Team America World Police Soundtrack (hilarious satire)
4) Kanye West- Touch The Sky (gotta love the egomaniac)
5) I Don't Care (Que Mas De)- Ricky Martin and Amerie ft. Fat Joe
6) Honest Mistake- The Bravery
7) Don't Stop Till You Get Enough- Michael Jackson (kicking it old school LOL)
8) Right Before My Eyes- The Snitches (Olympic fever! Care of HBC)
9) Lean Back- Terror Squad
10) Pump it Up- Joe Buddens
11) Dance Dance- Fallout Boy
12) Let Down- Bif Naked
13) No Brakes- The Bravery
14) Ring The Alarm- Keshia Chante (Ottawa girl!)
15) Put Your Body In Motion- The Wiseguys (like songs that keep me moving)
16) American Idiot- Green Day (just love the title PMP!)
17) The Official World Cup Theme- Colourbox (I'm an 80's lady)
18) My Style- Black Eyed Peas
19) Lose Control- Missy Elliott
20) Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
21) WooHoo- Blur
22) Do You Want To- Franz Ferdinand
23) Baby Got Back- Sir Mix A Lot (Oh, I got back, baby...)
24) La Copa De La Vida- Ricky Martin
25) She Is Beautiful- Andrew WK (and I am)
26) It Takes Two- Rob Base and EZ Rock (a classic!)
27) Move It- Sasha Baron Cohen (the really funny version from Madagascar)
28) Get Free- The Vines

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