Friday, February 3, 2006

The tooth fairy visited us last night

Henry, my 6 year old, lost his third tooth yesterday morning. It was one of the upper middle ones so he's going to look like a slack-jawed yokel or professional hockey player for the next little while. Poor kid.

He asked me if the tooth fairy was real. Now, in my house we're big fans of perpetuating childhood lies for as long as we can. Elliott at 9 I'm sure has serious doubts but he never voiced them about Santa Claus this year. He asked tons of logistical questions like how he visits homes without chimneys and how he can see the whole world's kids at once and stuff like that but nothing overt. Mwahahaha! He's my baby for yet another year.

When Henry asked his question, I seriously considered telling him the truth. I'm not sure why, he just caught me off guard. The tooth fairy is one of the minor childhood myths, anyway, right? Not like the big boys: The Easter Bunny or Santa. But I stopped myself. I just couldn't do it. Maybe it's like drugs. You start with weed and it escalates to heroin. So you start telling kids there's no Tooth Fairy and suddenly they're being pissy at Christmastime because they know Santa is just a way of grown-ups keeping kids under control at Toys R Us for the month of December. Yikes. I lied my face off.

So Henry fell asleep last night at 9pm and at 10pm I snuck in and gave his gaping maw a kiss as I swapped that tiny tooth for a shiny toonie. And I'll keep on doing it for as long as he'll let me. Now if someone could tell me what to do with a jewellry box full of 3 kids' worth of baby teeth. I'm thinking grim maracas...

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