Friday, February 16, 2007

A word of advice: Don't carry a half open box of Junior Mints in your purse

Scott kindly gave me a box along with a Cherry Blossom and some Twizzlers as part of my Valentines booty. Since I'm not much of a chocolate lover, the Cherry Blossom is still here and I had about 5 Junior Mints out of the movie theatre sized box. I closed it and put the rest in my purse to share with the girls at work. The perfect snack for the day after my deep cleaning procedure at the dentist, by the way.

Anyhoo, I made it to work with them, shared like a good girl but still had about half a box left. Again I "sealed" it and returned it to my purse. Fast forward to the bus ride home. I reach into my purse and grab my mp3 and find a minty smear across the display screen. Uh Oh. But being of the if-I-ignore-this-it-never-really-happened school of thought, I mentally shrug and reach for my book. Chocolatey smear on the spine. Realization dawns. My stupid box of stupid Junior Mints spilled open in my stupid purse and the stuff inside is getting all full of stupid chocolatey minty goop. Is there any wonder why I'm not a chocolate fan?

When I get home I assess the damage: Junior Mint guts on my wallet, puffer, aforementioned book and mp3 and about five minty bodies mashed and stuck to the silky lining of my suede bag. Sweet. Literally.

So lesson of the day boys and girls: Don't eat junior Mints. I mean, don't leave an open box of Junior Mints in your purse. Or messenger bags for you boys. Sigh.