Monday, February 26, 2007

What I loved about the Oscars

JLo's dress
Ellen DeGeneris's hosting job... loved the photo she made Steven Spielberg take and the fact she gushed like a fan all night

The opening montage by Errol Morris
Jennifer Hudson winning best supporting actress
The fact that I got 13 out of 24 categories right

What I hated about the Oscars
Can they be any longer? *insert annoying Chandler Bing inflection here*
The nude lipstick trend. It's dress-up time, girls. Let's see a bit of colour on your lips
Jennifer Hudson's silvery shrug. At least she got rid of it by showtime
Jack Nicholson's "hair"
The animated characters in the crowd

So I watched the whole thing from the start of the red carpet stuff at 6pm until it was over sometime around 12:30am. I only took a catnap during the "deaths of the year" montage, waking up when the "winner" was announced. You know what I mean... the dead guy with the loudest applause. Hey, I forget who it was, I was half asleep.

So all in all, pretty good. No big surprises, no political statements (although I loved when the band played off Al Gore as he was about to announce... something. Insert comedy wink here) and a great host. Boring but good. I enjoyed it.