Friday, February 23, 2007

Looks like another stream-of-consciousness blog, folks...

Sorry to do this to you yet again (I seem to have writers' block at least once a week) but that's the way my mind has been going this week. Let's see...

Oooh, the Oscars are on Sunday. I'm waffling between getting really dressed up and wearing my pyjamas to watch the show. I'm leaning more toward jammies. That way I can go straight to bed at 12:30 or whatever time it'll end this year. They sure do drag that show on and on and on and on...

The kids are busy going through their 500+ markers and throwing out the ones that are dry. Good thing, too... the sound of dry markers on paper sounds to me like fingernails on a blackboard. That I can take. The marker thing? Not so much.

When is springtime going to get here? I'm fed up with this monster cold and I've already started not wearing socks and painting my toenails in anticipation of flip-flop season.

I'm loving dragon-boat practices. They're at the local wave pool and besides having to squash my corpulence into a bathing suit, it really is fun to be near the water. But it also makes me long for the warm summer sun.

Well, hope you have a lovely weekend full of fun and rest. As for me, as usual I have the kids sports to sort out, work on Sunday morning, grocery shopping, baking and cleaning. Yup, fun and rest all around. See you Monday.

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