Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Asking for help today

I decided to try and write a little something for Today's Parent magazine. They pay $200 if they publish your article on (what else?) parenting. So I thought what could I lose by plumping up something I already have (they need 750 words and I tend to write about 200) and sending it in.

I blame you guys for encouraging me to keep writing and inflating my ego so much that I'm thinking there's no possible way they could deny me. Yup, thanks for that.

Anyway, what I'd like from you all is some advice as to which of my blogs is worth working on. Which has potential? Which is your favourite? Don't forget I've been blogging for over a year so there's lots of gold to choose from. Any one make you burst out laughing? Remember that it has to be about parenting so it can't be one of my many many self-indulgent navel-gazing blogs. I really need some help if you have the time.

Email me at or just reply here. Let me know the blog date or the subject and I'll take it from there. Thanks in advance you guys!