Friday, February 9, 2007

Busy Friday

The kids have today off so I do too. We have lots to do today and most duties involve the car. Scott usually takes it to work Fridays so first things first, we had to drive him to work.

Next thing we have to do is bake Valentine's cookies. I usually go nuts and make enormous sandwich cookies. One for every kid in all three kids' classes, each personalised with recipient names. This year as I'm now a working woman I'm just going to make pink heart shaped spritz cookies for the party and buying those cheap paper Valentines like normal mothers. It's very freeing not to feel the need to Martha everything up because I was a SAHM.

After the cookies, it's off to take care of Scott's Valentine's gift. He usually says no gifts then at the restaurant springs something on me. To me no gifts means no gifts for goodness sake. I always feel so bad. This year I'm doing the springing so the kids and I are off to the photo place to get a professional portrait done of the kids. Of course I'll throw one in of myself. It is Valentine's after all.

Then we're going to visit my friends at work. Actually I want to show my incredibly good-looking and well-behaved offspring off to my co-workers. It'll help that the kids'll be all scrubbed up and dressed well for the photo. There's a method to my madness.

Next it's off to the pet shop to buy the bribe, I mean reward for Audrey and Henry. I promised them both at the start of the month that if they could keep their rooms clean they could have a fish. Frankly I thought they'd tire of the whole thing but surprisingly enough they did it and now I'm obliged to buy them both goldfish. I also stressed that if their rooms got messy again I'd take the fish away and now they know I mean what I say so I'm predicting some dust-bunny free days in my future. I love it when people bend to my will...