Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I was fine until the kids came home...

Henry's crying in his room, Elliott just proclaimed that "this day sucks" and Audrey's irritatingly reading over my shoulder. I'd do anything to be back at work.

I have so much to do at the end of the day it's not funny. It's so much that I just end up watching tv and getting on the computer and doing nothing. In an ideal world, I'd come home from work, clean up the odd untidy spot then cook a delightfully complicated dinner which would be enjoyed by everyone. I'd help with homework and everyone would be happy and content and when bedtime came we'd all slip lovingly into blissful sleep.

But this is the real world. When I get home from work I have 15 minutes before the kids come home from school. I run around like a lunatic trying to simultaneously empty the dishwasher, clean up, put away pending laundry, pick up loose papers and have a little snack. When Audrey and Elliott get home I've done absolutely nothing. I get on the computer and try to blog in peace but there is homework to help with, grumpy tired school-hungover kids to deal with and supper to think about so it takes forever. Then someone is upset about not getting on the computer or getting on and it freezing (thank you Mr. Gates) or some such nonsense so I have to start with the firm voice. Then the yelling. Then I'm in a pissy mood and we end up with an afternoon like we have right here. Oh, and who can forget slaving over a dinner that everyone pokes at? Good times.

Well, I'm tired of having Audrey read this over my shoulder (and having to edit my curse words) so I'll leave off for today. Tomorrow I'll have something more insightful to say instead of whining and complaining and pouting. We'll get back to your regularly scheduled blog then. Enjoy the rest of your day.