Wednesday, February 7, 2007

So what are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Scott and I have had so many Valentine's Days we've lost count. I've gotten everything from a red thong rolled up and stuck on a fake green stem to look like a rose (classy...) to a surprise trip to Paris, France complete with a treasure hunt to find my ticket (classy!).

After kids and life have taken their toll, a meal out without washing up or begging anyone to eat just one more bite of their cauliflower cheese is just what we need. So we're going out for dinner. We're going to my favouritely named Indian restaurant Cumin and Goan. Get it? Cumin the Indian spice and Goan meaning coming from the Indian state of Goa? Cumin and Goan? Coming and Going? It's so clever and plays to my goofy sense of humour.

We've never actually eaten there before, I fell in love with the name before I even set foot inside. Hopefully they do a chicken vindaloo which is my favourite dish. It's so spicy it tends to temporarily turn my insides to liquid. Crying, runny nose and other more unfortunate symptoms. Yum. Voluntary intestinal distress. It's what's for dinner.