Thursday, February 1, 2007

Oscar extravaganza

So in case you weren't on the edge of your seat on the day the Oscar nominees were announced, go here. The only category that I like to voice an opinion about is the Best Picture. For years my best friend Kathy and I have been trying to see all the movies in the category so that we can make an educated prediction. Even though she was in the States at the time, we always saw the movies at about the same time and talked about them by phone. A few years ago she moved to England, unable to see all the releases and the whole process became totally unfun without her. Last year Scott consented to be my new movie companion (and it was actually fun) so now it's ON.

I like this because it forces me to see movies I'd not ordinarily see. I'm a romantic comedy fan and strangely they never seem to make the Best Picture cut. Shocking. Anyway, over the years I've been forced to see political movies, talky movies, subtitled movies, Middle Earth tributes and war movies. And most of them I actually liked (except for the Middle Earth stuff... I was completely baffled). So even I can grow...

Anyway, this year our selections are Little Miss Sunshine, Babel, The Queen, Letters From Iwo Jima and The Departed. I'm anxious to see Little Miss Sunshine and The Queen. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the other 3. The Queen is the first one and we're going tonight. I love packing in 5 movies in a month. The telecast is on the 25th so the press is on. My babysitter is happy ($7 per hour), the kids are happy (treats after dinner) and Scott and I are happy (5 date nights this month). Can't wait.

I'll keep you posted about my faves of course and have my second annual Oscar special blog the Monday after. And don't be shy about weighing in and letting me know what you think. Just remember that this blog is called Karenworld and all of my readers must bend to my will.