Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Observations on a cold morning

The alarm went off at 5am. The guy on the radio said it was -34C with the windchill. The little voices inside started screaming. One saying: "What the hell are you doing? Turn that thing off and stay in bed! You could sleep for another 90 minutes! It's way too cold out there! It's cold in here too! Even the floor is cold! Don't put your warm feet on it! The other voice says: "Get up you big fat pig! You lazy, corpulent, slug! If you don't get up RIGHT NOW you'll feel guilty all day! Besides when you are done with exercising, you'll be able to lord it over people all day! GET UP!! That voice always wins, thank God.

Random 5am thoughts:
*Padraig slippers are the best ones known to man
*The crescent moon is absolutely magical and my favourite stage of the moon
*When it's really cold, the snow almost squeaks when you walk on it
*Thank God for engine block heaters
*Your voice sounds way louder (and waaay better) singing Justin Timberlake in the car at 5:15am than at any other time of day
*Not a lot of people are on the number 96 bus at 5:15. Where are they going so early?
*The elliptical machine is the best thing since chicken nuggets. I can read a magazine, listen to music and watch tv all while getting a cardio workout. Genius
*I love doing boy pushups. They make me feel strong. I can do 30 now
*The sun is starting to rise earlier. At the beginning of the month it was still pitch black when I got home. Now there are these really cool pinks and purples in the sky. Nevertheless, sunrise would be so much more appreciated if it happened at noon
*Oooh, another sing-along! "Finally" by CeCe Peniston
*You know, I should blog this stuff when I get home...