Thursday, May 27, 2010

So I joined a bunch of mummy blog websites...

but I feel like a fraud. When I look at all the blogs I've written over the years, I'd say that 25% of them are about my family and a full 75% are about me and my bizarrenesses. I don't seem to gush about them very much at all. I've been reading a lot of these mom blogs and the women seem so loving and speak so tenderly about their offspring. They take gorgeous photographs of children bubble blowing in the sunshine, filled with love and beauty and all I can manage is this kind of thing, taken while giggling like an evil elf:

And don't get me started about the angry or mocking posts. About my own children and loving husband, no less. These loving women make me feel awful. Selfish, self involved and kinda mean. But you know what I've learned over my 42 years? I can't change. My family knows me and I think they even love me a little just the way I am. I just hope that when one of those good mums comes over here to read my self-indulgent nonsense, they don't think I'm a complete cow. I'm only half a cow. A calf, really. So nyah.

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