Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Elliott!

I'm glad I remembered it was his birthday in time to make him a cake. What kind of mother am I? Yesterday I was slaving over a Hannah Montana cake that I'm going to sell on the weekend and Audrey asked me what kind of cake I'm making for Elliott. My answer? "Cake for Elliott? Why would I make... awww, shit."

I quickly ran downstairs and asked what kind he'd like. Of course he answered the most fiddly cake in my repertoire. The lemon meringue one I make for myself. Vanilla cake, lemon curd filling and topped with singed meringue. Hey, no problem. I baked the cake, had half a jar of lemon curd in the fridge and will do the meringue just before we eat it. No problem! I'm not busy.

So anyway, Happy Birthday to the most frustrating, irritating, smelly, funny, loving, coolest 14 year old I know. I said it on the day you were born and I'll say it again today and not for the last time: Mummy loves you.

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