Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things that bug me about my new banner:

  • I should have plucked my eyebrow
  • You can't really see that eyebrow
  • I have a teeny grey hair that's exactly in the middle of the photograph
  • My eyelashes are longer than my head hair
  • My eyelashes look weird
  • You can see the white switchplate on the wall behind me
  • My eye is rheumy watery
Things I like:
  • The wall colour co-incidentally matches the blog
  • The shot itself is surprisingly good. Considering I took it myself with a PHD (press here, dummy) camera, that is...
Otherwise, I'm still liking it which is saying a lot considering my crippling self doubt. Conversely I have high self esteem often making what goes on in my head a very bizarre mental melange. But that's why you love me, right? Right? Guys? Helloooo?!

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