Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror in the bathroom please talk free,

The door is locked just you and me.

Over the weekend I saw the English Beat in concert. I really love going to 80s band concerts. I get to relive my youth and I even went with a friend from the "old days". I looked around the room and saw so many white heads. I then I realized that I'm just as old as the codgers all around me. What happened? The lead singer Dave Wakeling kept saying that it was the 31st anniversary of the band and at first it was a wonderful thing to hear then I realized that everytime he said it I felt a mysterious twinge in my back. Funny, that.

In a town notorious for not dancing and having ridiculous dancing v. non-dancing debates, everybody was up and moving by song 2 (Tears Of A Clown) and I never sat down again. When else can I spend 90 minutes dancing full-on 80s style and not get laughed out of my neon green leg warmers?


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