Thursday, February 25, 2010

Men. Can't live with them, can't smother them.

So Scott was home sick yesterday and while I tried to do the things I normally do, he made it darn near impossible. Sure, I cooked and cleaned but when it came to watching my shows he made me crazy. Try watching a soap opera with a convalescing 47 going on 8 year old:

Sick Irritant: Who's that?
Long Suffering Wife: It's a long story.
SI: I have time. I'm sick you know.
LSW: (Sigh) That's Ryan. He just found out that the love of his life is back from the dead and he's trying to stop her from marrying the town pariah.
SI: What's with his face?
LSW: What do you mean?
SI: (He incredibly pulls a laser pointer from the depths of the blankets) His eyes are too close together, here and here (he wiggles the light between Ryan's eyes). His jawline is...
LSW: Aargh, will you quit it?! I'm trying to hear!
SI: But I'm sick you know.
LSW: (through gritted teeth) Oh, I know...

I'm not sure if he's taking another day off today. If he does I may spend the day at the ball pit at Ikea. That crowd would be far more mature than the nut I married.

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