Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In keeping with the movie theme I started yesterday

I thought it would be fun to post one of these games called "Invisibles". They've taken a still from a movie and digitally removed the person, leaving the clothes and scene behind. You have to guess what movie it is from what's left behind. The trick is you have to really examine the background and details of the scene. Of course it helps if you've seen the movie before.

Frankly I haven't seen as many movies as you may think. What I tend to do with popular movies if I haven't seen them is soak up everything about the movie (stars, plot, trailers) that I can so I can actually answer nearly any question about it if asked. Which is why I know everything there is to know about The Big Lebowski even though I've never seen a frame (see what I did there?) of it.

So I'll choose a relatively easy one to start. Can you guess this one? Look at the outfit, the setting the perspective... simple. Answer (if you need it) tomorrow.


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