Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Follies

My dad is so funny. When my brother and I were kids, sometimes he wanted to treat us to takeout food. He deemed hamburgers too fattening for us kids so he opted for the much healthier Kentucky Fried Chicken. Go figure. For an extra special treat he'd bring us to enjoy our feast and the view at the top of Mount Royal. It was always difficult to find a parking spot. Why? I'll tell you why:

Because Mount Royal is a notorious make-out spot. I didn't realise this until I was an adult. A fully consenting adult. Moving on.

Can you imagine the comedy routine based on this? A cop parks behind a gold Chevy Chevelle, walking slowly up to the window. He hears loud calypso music booming from the inside and notices the car rocking on its axles. He tries to look in but sees that the windows are all steamed up. He knocks on the glass and a little West Indian man rolls it down. The music of The Mighty Sparrow bellows out into that tranquil place. "Cyan I help you officah?" the strange little man asks. The cop looks in and sees 4 people holding steaming hot pieces of chicken, all greasy mouthed and round eyed staring back at him. The officer shakes his head and sighs: "Bon appétit tout-le-monde".


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