Monday, February 1, 2010


I finally saw this movie. I waited a month because I thought it was over-hyped before it opened and even worse afterwards. I rolled my eyes everytime someone said it was the best movie they ever saw. You can't be serious. Have you seen Star Trek? I heaved heavy sighs and switched the channel when the actors shilled it on talk shows. I chuckled in satisfaction when someone made fun of it. I even resisted when my own family went to see it and stayed home to unclog that pesky drain instead.

But I was slowly wearing down. It was impossible to go through a day without someone referencing it. My BFF in London saw it and proclaimed that it was "5 out of 4 stars". For someone as pop culture savvy as I claim to be, I had to see it myself if only to be able to smugly declare that it wasn't as good as everyone said it was. Purely research. So I took advantage of the fact that Audrey cleaned up her room on her own one day last week and went to the 10:15am show.

As I blinked in the afternoon sun nearly 3 hours later, I was disappointed. This wasn't Pandora. It was a cold snowy Ottawa parking lot. Poop. What can I say? I had been completely immersed. The movie was fabulous. I tried to resist, I really did but about halfway through I actually wanted to be Na'vi. It was a mix of 3 movies I already loved: Fern Gully (the basic plot), Pocahontas (the love story) and Tarzan (the jungle training session) and it was super predictable (What? The good guys win and the hero gets what he wants in the end? Really? I sure didn't see that one coming) but I can forgive. Every time a bug flew by I waved it away, the 3D graphics were so good. The jungle scenes were so beautiful it seemed impossible that they didn't actually film this on Pandora. And the night scenes... how much did I love that the ground glowed when their feet touched it. Cooool.

So while I won't see it again in the theatre (it was no Star Trek, after all), I will be buying it on DVD. And I'm going to save my money for a BluRay and a nice big LCD tv to watch it on. My 27" old school set just couldn't contain it. If you haven't seen it, GO. You need to see this in 3D.

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