Monday, February 15, 2010

Here's an interesting Valentine's post

Interesting in that it's all about me. What did you think, this was Debbieworld? Because that's the next blog over. You know what would I thought would be fun for Valentine's Day? Going over all my ex-boyfriends. Open wounds are always a gas.

Okay so they aren't really open wounds. In fact, I didn't have many boyfriends before Scott and mostly we parted on mostly good terms. I was no shrinking violet, let me tell you, but the actual term "boyfriend" only applied to a few guys before I got married. So let's see... in no particular order there was:

John, the bad-boy. He drove a cool, orange 2 seater Bricklin and carried a fake (I hope) grenade in his pocket. He also had a crossbow. What's not to love? The whirlwind romance lasted 8 weeks but we're friends on Facebook.

Andrew the project. He was about 6 feet tall, bearded and quite beefy. He drove a Trans-Am in the winter and an MG in the summer. He was fun and funny and I never let the fact that he had a foot and 100 pounds on me put me off him. He was awesome. He had a best friend that always hung out with us (hmmm...) and in the end Andrew broke up with me because he wanted to be a free agent when he went down south for the summer. Hmph.

Gyula my friend. He was the only one of my boyfriends that was an actual friend before we dated. He had the best laugh ever and a brown car with a bumper sticker that read "Save gas fart in a jar". I'll never forget dinner at his house with his family. It was the first time I actually enjoyed red wine (Bull's Blood). I swear my mother loved him more than me and she asked about him until her dying day. We're also friends on Facebook.

Jeff, the closest to a black guy I ever dated. His nickname was "Bear". His mum was Black. She was so sweet and I got the feeling that she really liked me too. She made me some tan striped pyjamas that I still have and treasure to this day. What else do I have from the Jeff months? A funny little poem. Shhhh. Jeff plays the bagpipes. I know this how? Facebook, of course.

Eric the actor. He was so sincere and soulful. He'd look deep into my eyes and say the most wonderful things. He also had the fluffiest white-boy 'fro around and his all white grad outfit (complete with top hat, tails, shiny shoes and cane) was legendary. I also have stories that he wrote about me. What did I ever do to inspire such creativity?

Anyway, that's the lineup of ne'er-do-wells that I hung around with in the mid 80s. None of these guys lasted more than 6 months until I met Mr. Love-Of-My-Life in 1988. It takes all your past experiences to make you the person you are today so I'd like to thank all these guys for preparing me for the life I have now with my awesome husband and terrific kids. Happy Valentine's Day, boys!

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