Friday, May 12, 2006

What a day I'm having!

I'm still in my jammies, I haven't showered, I've not cleaned a thing in the house like I had planned... I'm being so lazy. I've even napped. Yawn.

It's the weather. It's pouring rain and I just couldn't face moving. I did manage to get the kids dressed and ready for school but on the walk over, rain soaked my pyjama pants and that's when I checked out for the day. I came home, changed into a dry pair and rode the couch all day.

To give myself credit, the next 2 days will be really busy. My dad and his wife will be spending the weekend. Elliott's birthday is tomorrow and even though we're not doing a party for him (yet), I've got to bake him a cake and we're all going out to East Side Mario's for dinner. To top it off, the Elliott and Audrey's school is having it's festival from 10:00 to 2pm so we've got to schmooze with friends and neighbours.

Sunday is Mother's Day. Whee. I'd love breakfast in bed but since my dad'll be here looks like I'll be doing the cooking. Then it's off to my first dragonboat practice of the year. I can't wait for that! At least Sunday afternoon should be quiet. Not that I need it after today.

So to all my mummy friends, have the best Mother's Day whether you want to spend it blissfully and deservedly alone or with the reason(s) you're a mother in the first place.

And to my precious baby boy who will be a whole decade old tomorrow, Happy Birthday. I'll never forget the moment the doctor put you in my arms and told me and your dad that "Elliott's here". I think. After 37 hours of labour, he may have said "Wanna beer?" but when I saw your face I knew I wanted that beer. I mean I knew that you were the best thing that ever ever happened to me. The beginning of our cool family. I love you, kiddo!

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