Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Scott has insomnia and I'm suffering for it

Wanna know the time? It's 2:29. AM. Earliest. Blog. Ever. Why, you ask? Because Scott has insomnia. He's learning french for the government and he's having one of his 4 or 5 big final tests in the morning. I mean later.

Anyway, supposedly everything I do tonight is bugging him (not usually a problem). First I was too hot. Then I was crowding him. Then I started to snore. What? Snore? Me? I know for a fact; A FACT, mind you, that I only snore when I'm drunk or sick. And I'm neither. Pissed? Yes. Exhausted? Definitely. But neither sick nor drunk. So he kept nudging me every 20 minutes or so and I finally had to leave our marriage bed. For the first time in 18 years. For this reason, anyway. And I'm unhappy.

I had the foresight to grab my pillow on the way out of my own bedroom and took what ended up being the scratchiest blanket in Christendom out of the hall closet. I tried to install myself on the leather couch in the livingroom but I kept thinking about how unfair it is to be on the cold, tiny leather couch with a scratchy wool blanket instead of my warm cosy, ROOMY bed with the down duvet and now I can't sleep. I was going to watch late night tv but decided to blog this delicious incident instead. Why, you may ask again? Because in the morning "Karen Time" will be "Nap Time". And Scott had better be fucking grateful that he's not out here instead of me. And he will be out here if this ever happens again. For a week.

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