Thursday, May 25, 2006

I’m adrift

I went to the gym today to do some aquafitness in preparation for my big race on Saturday. Then I realized I couldn't possibly run in a field of over 6000 participants in the same gear as last year. What if someone notices? So after a quick stop at my local sporting goods shop for a new top and running capris, I head home to check out my two message boards. But they're down. I'm not sure why but neither of them are working. I feel so weird.

I go to a breast health support website and well as a site for women who have kids born in June of 1998. Now that they aren't working, I realize how often I go to each one and how much of my day revolves around these women most of whom I've never met. But here I sit, feeling all weirded out, trying to find a way to get in touch with my girls today. What's my alternative? Housework? Baking? Showering the chlorine off my skin? Yup, those are all viable but what I really want to do is "see" my friends. Poop.

I'm lonely.

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