Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Victoria Day!

Another holiday to enjoy up here in the Great White North. This one officially heralds the start of summer. Because of this, we sometimes call it "May 24 Weekend" (pronounced "two-four") referring to the scores of people buying cases of 24 beers (that we call "two-fours") to get them through the weekend. It's also traditional to plant flowers, open the cottage and do family activities on this weekend. Unfortunately the weather's been sucky all weekend but that can be a family activity as well. We rented videos and hung out on the couch for the whole weekend. Bliss.

This is also the weekend that Scott and I got married. Technically it's this Tuesday the 23rd but 13 years ago it fell on the Sunday of "May 24 Weekend" so naturally we celebrate in on this weekend. We went to see MI:3 and to a pub after for dinner. As we get older, even though we would have no life if it wasn't for the day we got married, we celebrate less and less. No biggie, frankly.

So I don't have a lot to say today (but trust me, I'll make up for it tomorrow). The couch is calling me and who am I to resist it's cushy pull? Have a great holiday!

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