Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, I've had a busy day

I actually had a job interview this morning. I worked for hours last night on my paper-thin resume last night. It's interesting how not working outside the house for 9 years puts a bit of a hole in the old CV.

Anyway, the interview went really well. I love daycare interviews. They're pressure-free chit chat sessions with a couple of common sense "what would you do's" thrown in. I totally nailed it. Unfortunately the pay is awful and the hours are too short but it's all good practice, right?
To celebrate I indulged in my favourite pastime. Say it with me... shopping. I needed a rice cooker since mine tanked while making dinner last night. Great timing. Fortunately we had noodles to substitute but I can't go without rice for more than a week. So off I went to the Bay and on my way I passed the bathing suit section. What else could I do but try a couple on. Just for the fit, of course.

I have "unique" body issues. Well, as unique as apples are, anyway. So I need a two piece. Notice I didn't say bikini. I've been searching for something that shows off my nice boobs, back and arms but hides my stomach and upper thigh stretch marks and poochy belly. I don't mind showing a strip of my stomach but not too much. I also need to be able to actually swim and dragonboat in it without putting on an impromptu strip/freak show. See, an impossible task, no? Well believe it or not I found it. Funny how you find things when you aren't looking. A racer-back tank that goes to my belly button and boy shorts that come up to the belly button and covering the front of my stripey thighs. Perfect. Of course it's not the best colour on me (pink and brown) but the fit is so perfect I couldn't pass it by. And to top it off the top and bottom were $30 each so it was a deal. So what if I have to cut out the tags that say that the top is size 10 and the bottom is size 14. Whatever. Stupid apple body.

So I got that and the rice cooker and a fun job interview AND an hour of cardio so I had a most satisfying day. And it's not even over yet. I wonder what else is in store for me?

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