Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Mini me!

How much fun is Henry? I just got him off the schoolbus and he's crawling around after the cat saying that "his butt smells like poo". Ya think? That kid had a flair for the obvious. And the ridiculous.

Out of the three kids, Henry is most like me. He's the baby (as much as a 6 year old can be a baby) and sometimes acts like it. He can be whiny, he can be loud, he can be demanding and a little weird. Surprisingly, just like me. He's also very loving, very sweet and very dramatic. Again, just like me. He even is the only one of the kids who has dimples. All together, now... just like me. I'm going to admit to you something that I rarely admit to anyone. Something that's horribly shameful and probably hard for mothers of more than one kid to understand (or admit). Here goes. Henry is my favourite. There. I said it.

I try so so hard not to show it to the other kids but I'm sure it leaks out. In the way my voice is softer when I speak to him and the way I seem to defend him more. I'm not sure if it's because he's the youngest or because of his language special need or if it's because he's (again) most like me and I'm my own biggest fan but there it is on the table. He's my favourite.

Let me clarify that I love Elliott and Audrey to distraction. They have awesome qualities and are fantastic kids. They make me laugh every day and we snuggle and talk and hang out but there's just something about Henry. Something a scootch specialler (for lack of any actual English words to express it). Try not to judge me, I already know I'm awful.

So now after writing that I feel guilty. I'm going to publish it anyway but if it's gone later and replaced by something about running that stupid 10K in 2 weeks you'll know why. I think I'll go bake a heart shaped cake for the three of them to let them know that they are all amazing. See you guys later.

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