Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I'm a hockey fan

But I'm the kind of hockey fan hockey fans don't like. I'm the dreaded bandwagon fan. I wait until my favourite teams do really well then throw my support behind them 114%. And when they lose, well, I don't really care, do I?

So the Senators won the first series in the playoffs against Tampa Bay (the Cup champs from last year) and I'm thrilled. I just bought one of those "Rev Up The Red" plastic banners for my minivan. I watch every second of every game without fail. I learn the team roster, their stats, and of course, the most important thing, who the cute boys are. When their teeth are in, anyway. But the second they lose, I'm done. At least until the next playoff series.

And that's my problem with hockey. Best sport in the world along with soccer (stay tuned for my future World Cup rant). But here's why there are people like me. The season including playoffs are way too long. Too many teams get in and each playoff series is the best of 7 games. SEVEN. So explain to me why I'd watch hockey all year long when I can watch the best face off in a "shortened season"? There sure are enough games. I mean, there'll be hockey until summer for goodness sakes. Then it starts again in August with the pre-season games. Ugh. Soccer's so much better in that respect. One game and it's over. Having a bad day? Tough. Weather sucks? TDB. One chance is all you get, baby.

Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is GO SENS GO!! Especially now that Montreal (my other favourite team) got booted by Carolina last night.

kx (GO SENS GO!!!)
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