Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alias is (or was) the best show ever

I just got finished watching the series (sob!) finale on tape and it was just excellent.

Unpredictable, smart, funny, cool... I can't say enough about this show. JJ Abrams is a genius. A Joss Whedon genius.

At the end of the show he thanked us fans for the last 5 years. We should be thanking him. He's just so great. And because of this amazing show, I'll watch anything he'll ever do or is involved with till death do us part. I'm serious. Wanna know how much? This past weekend I saw the verbal diarrhea afflicted Tom Cruise in MI:3. There's no way I would have ordinarily supported that borderline misogynist but JJ directed it and I as I've said before, I'm super loyal. And it was fantastic. Despite TC's weird teeth.

I love how JJ's a loyal person too. If he likes an actor you'll see him again and again. Greg Grunberg has been in Felicity, MI:3, What About Brian, Lost and Alias. And it was such a kick seeing navel gazing Felicity (Keri Russell) kick ass in MI:3.

Oh, and joy of joys to every Trek fan in the universe (myself proudly included), he's attached to direct Star Trek XI. How cool would that be? I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it.
So thank you, JJ for a most enjoyable ride with Agent Sydney Bristow. Where are we going next?

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