Thursday, May 18, 2006

I don't think I talk about Audrey enough

So allow me to indulge today.

I finally got the chance to go on a field trip with Audrey this morning. Usually they start or finish at a time I can't manage because of Henry's half day schedule. Today Audrey's choir did a concert at another school from 9-11am which got me home in plenty of time to get Henry's bus. Cool.

So Audrey and I got to hang together. Even though she's no musician, she's a diva. In fact that's my nickname for her. We took a schoolbus to a special needs school nearby. We had a tour of the facility (I most loved the "Snoezelen Room" that calms stressed out kids with lava lamps, vibrating pillows, soft lights... I'm going to make one for our house when I win the lotto) then I got to watch my daughter sing in front of an audience.

I was bursting with pride! My lovely daughter was singing her heart out with her friends and doing a great job. She used to be so shy and once had a screaming fit during her kindergarten Christmas show and she had to be escorted off the stage. Today she stood tall and was all gappy smiles as she confidently sung every warbly note. What a girl. I'm so proud to be her mum.

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