Friday, May 19, 2006

Another disappointing day for the d-boat crew

Yesterday morning the sky looked cloudy. By 3pm it looked crappy. By 6pm when we should start leaving for practice, it was raining and by 7pm, our practice time, it was raining, thundering and lightninging (yes, I made it up. Deal with it) so badly I thought I saw Noah float by.

That's the second practice in so many weeks that has been cancelled. I'm chomping at the bit to get on the water. And for a city girl like me, that's really saying something.

I'd been on motorboats before and those experiences were fine. Just like being on a car on the water. I felt safe. My first experience on a people powered vessel was in 1991. My friend Daphne had what I'll generously term a "cottage" on a lake. Frankly, I think "shelter" covers it better but that's a rant for another day.

After flicking every light socket making absolutely sure there was no electricity and turning every sink knob making positively certain there was no water (good times) I headed outside to resign myself to this weekend of deprivation. Scott and Daphne's boyfriend John were launching a canoe into the water and they asked if I wanted to join them. Thinking back on the futility of further knob turning and light flicking I said yes. To the most terrifying experience of my citified life. On that tippy canoe I made peace with my God. I prayed to Jesus, Mohammed and Ganesh in case my parents baptised me onto the wrong team. I even peed my pants a little. It was not a good scene. I hadn't been in a canoe since.

And yet, last year when Wendi, the captain of our dragonboat team (The Bold The Bald And the Beautiful... guess which I am LOL!) asked if I wanted to join I leapt at the chance. There is something in the security of having 21 other people in the boat with you. It's huge, heavy and not too tippy. Plus, when it gets going, it does feel like there's a motor behind you. There still are moments when people are getting in and out of the boat when I think of that tippy canoe and that day at Daphne's "cottage" but I haven't peed in my drawers. Yet.

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